Warning Letter

To,                                                                                                                                                Date: dd/mm/yyyy




Subject: Warning letter.

This letter is issued to you as a warning for your habitual unauthorized absenteeism. This unprofessional behavior is unacceptable, as specified in our Company’s Code of Conduct / Employee Manual and the Appointment letter issued to you on  dd/mm/yyyy.

Following are the details of your unauthorized absenteeism:

October – 2021 :         4th to 6th, 18th and 19th

November – 2021 :     9th,10th, 17th and 18th

December – 2021 :     3rd, 4th, 27th, 28th and 31st

Please note that any repetition of your unauthorized absenteeism hereafter, shall be dealt with seriously as per the code of conduct of our company and the disciplinary actions as per law.

For xxxxxxxxxxxx

HR Manager

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