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Kolb’s Experiential Learning

Kolb’s Experiential Learning includes:

  1. Concrete Experience
    The first stage is concrete experience which means actually doing the activity.
  2. Reflective Observation
    Reflective observation is checking on performance (success/failure).
  3. Abstract Conceptualisation
    This involves applying theory in performance of the activity.
  4. Active Experimentation
    In Active experimentation we apply all our learnings and theory to further experience.

Based on the above 4 learning styles seems possible:

Diverging / Reflectors — [watching and feeling] These people try to find out more information before diving into actual activity.

Assimilating / Theorists —[watching and thinking] They are more interested in knowing logical approach, ideas and concepts.

Converging / Pragmatists —[doing and thinking] They are interested in knowing if something really works and if does work how actually the theory converts in practice.

Accommodating / Activists — [doing and feeling] They like to get down to activities directly to get first-hand experience.

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