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Training with Focus on Practical Application

At Trigger HR Services, we firmly believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our training programs are meticulously designed to equip you with not just theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills essential for success in the world of Human Resources. We bridge the gap between theory and application, ensuring that our students can immediately put their learning to work. Through real-world scenarios, case studies, and interactive sessions, our training fosters a deep understanding of HR practices, allowing you to confidently navigate the challenges of the corporate landscape.

Ongoing Assessments and Hand-Holding

Your success is our top priority, and we understand that learning is a journey that requires continuous guidance and feedback. That's why at Trigger HR Services, we provide ongoing assessments and dedicated hand-holding throughout your educational experience. Regular assessments help us gauge your progress, identify areas for improvement, and tailor our support to your specific needs. Our experienced mentors and trainers are there to guide you at every step, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed your learning objectives. We are committed to your growth, and our personalized approach sets you up for success in the HR field.

Quality Study Material

Quality study material is the cornerstone of effective learning. At Trigger HR Services, we prioritize the creation of comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly study materials that empower our students. Our resources are meticulously curated to align with the latest industry trends and best practices in the field of Human Resources. We provide you with textbooks, e-books, video content, and other resources that are not only informative but also engaging. With our study materials, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, enabling you to study at your own pace and excel in your HR education. Your success begins with the quality of the materials you use, and we ensure it's of the highest caliber

Our Most Popular Courses

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HR Generalist Master Course

Our HR Generalist Master course comprehensively covers the entire spectrum of Human Resource functions. We prioritize the practical application of knowledge to enhance the course’s real-world relevance and effectiveness.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics course delves into the analysis of data generated from all HR functions. It encompasses statistical analysis, including descriptive and diagnostic analysis, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analysis

About Master Trainer

Distinguished Human Resources Visionary with Over 25 Years of Expertise

Shashikant Phadtare — Founder & CEO.

About Mr. Shashikant Phadtare

Mr. Shashikant Phadtare, a luminary in the realm of Human Resources, stands as an exemplar of unwavering dedication and unparalleled excellence in the corporate world. With an illustrious career spanning over two and a half decades, Mr. Phadtare has left an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of HR management, elevating it to new heights of efficiency and efficacy.

The Versatile Background:

Mr. Phadtare’s professional journey has been marked by dynamic versatility, having successfully navigated through diverse industry verticals. His acumen has made a significant impact in Information Technology, Manufacturing, Service, and Engineering industries. This breadth of experience has not only honed his expertise but also equipped him with a unique perspective on the multifaceted challenges that HR professionals encounter in different sectors.

The Technophile HR Maestro:

Notably, Mr. Phadtare has always held a profound affinity for technology and automation, which has proven to be an invaluable asset to every organization he has served. His innovative insights and forward-thinking approach have played a pivotal role in the radical transformation of HR functions. By harnessing technology’s power, he has consistently streamlined processes, eliminated redundancy, and enhanced the overall efficiency of HR operations.

His love for technology extends beyond mere admiration; it’s a pragmatic approach to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving HR landscape. With his guidance, organizations have embraced digital platforms, leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to make data-driven decisions, thereby transforming HR from a mere support function to a strategic partner in achieving business goals.

Our Pillars

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Nidhi Mishra


With more than a decade of expertise in Human Resources – Generalist and Administrative Management, Nidhi excels in cultivating enduring professional relationships. Her innate enthusiasm fosters a commitment to delivering customer delight, making her an invaluable asset.

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Akshata Rajgurav


Akshata boasts a decade of invaluable expertise in the Banking and Telecom sectors. Over time, she has evolved into a distinguished trainer, skillfully delivering content to students with remarkable charisma. Her specialization lies in the intersection of Human Resources and Technology, demonstrating a profound command in these critical corporate domains.

The Birth of a Vision:

Mr. Phadtare’s journey is not confined solely to corporate boardrooms. His ardor for cultivating the next generation of HR professionals, imparting them with the wisdom accrued over his illustrious career, catalyzed the inception of the renowned institution, Trigger Business School.

Trigger Business School is a testament to his commitment to knowledge dissemination and mentorship, reflecting his visionary zeal to prepare future HR leaders. Trigger Business School embodies excellence and transformative education. It is the crucible where theory and practice converge, equipping students with the skills to excel in the dynamic world of HR management.

Mr. Phadtare’s role as the founder and guiding light of Trigger Business School is a testament to his indomitable spirit, his belief in the transformative power of education, and his unwavering commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

The Epitome of Excellence:

In his multifaceted journey, Mr. Shashikant Phadtare epitomizes excellence. His vision, honed through years of experience across industries, his technology-driven approach to HR management, and his dedication to imparting knowledge have reshaped the contours of HR functions and HR education alike. He is a living legend, inspiring and shaping the HR domain and its practitioners, while Trigger Business School stands as a testimony to his legacy, ensuring that the future of Human Resources management is in capable hands.

Mr. Shashikant Phadtare continues to inspire, innovate, and influence the HR landscape, leaving an indelible imprint of excellence on the corporate world. His journey remains an epitome of leadership, dedication, and vision, inviting the HR fraternity to evolve and excel in every facet of their professional journey.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I had the privilege of enrolling in the HR Generalist course at Trigger Business School, where the course was meticulously crafted and personally conducted by the distinguished Shashi sir himself. His teaching methodology is a testament to his unwavering commitment to nurturing the future of HR professionals.

Shashi sir's unique approach to teaching delves deep into the subject matter, ensuring that every student comprehends the intricacies of HR management effortlessly. He masterfully employs real-life examples, captivating stories, and insightful incidents to illustrate complex concepts. This not only makes the learning experience engaging but also greatly enhances the retention of knowledge.

Undoubtedly, I wholeheartedly recommend Trigger Business School to anyone with aspirations of becoming an exceptional HR professional. The comprehensive education and the mentorship of Shashi sir are invaluable assets on the journey to excellence in the field of Human Resources."
Anupama Surwase
HR Professiona, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Zasha Swan
From Australia
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Frank Jones
From Japan
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Jack Brownn
From London, UK